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What is the most counter-intuitive thing you have ever encountered?

What is the most counter-intuitive thing you have ever encountered? Question_Mark_clip_art_medium

Some things in life we come across are totally the opposite of what we expected them to be. Do you have some time to reflect on this for a moment? You may surprise yourself with this exercise how many things you may remember. Some will come back to you right away, and then some others will take some brain strain to recall. It’s a fun brain exercise with a kick at the end.

Here are some examples that may help jump starting your gray matter:

  • Driving with a trailer hitched to your car or truck and the trailer starts fishtailing on you. It is dangerous and can lead to catastrophic results when you hit the brakes – you need to hit the gas instead until the fishtailing stops until you can hit the brakes. I have one accident and one averted one under my belt to prove this most counterintuitive thing in my life.
  • Approaching rich and famous people. I once thought that they are so different and far above me that I should never even try reaching out to them connecting at a deeper level. They are indeed just people like you and me. The vast majority of them are genuine and extremely caring – go ahead, connect with them.
  • It’s not whom YOU know, it’s all about who knows YOU. If you want a genuine connection then earn it – attract people to who you have become.
  • Power over you. Well, no one has any power over you. Power is granted by you. Same goes for anger. No one makes you angry – you allow yourself to be angry at something or somebody.

I promised you the kick at the end. The lessons you learned surely came with a price, but they are also associated with many friends and acquaintances that were there right with you. Also, have you realized how much pain and suffering you have been able to avoid by having gone through these tough lessons? Hardship precedes fun and being content with life.


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