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What is the disadvantage of being smart?

What is the disadvantage of being smart? 

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This blog post is not intended to be a future excuse for students to not do their best in whatever school system they may be enrolled in. This is more about raising awareness about the potential pitfalls that come with the topic. There are some very distinctive disadvantages of being smart – at any given life stage, and not only when we are in school. I hope you will recognize some of the following examples when being smart isn’t fun.

  • In school you are just asking for getting bullied. The moment you are sticking out of the crowd you become a great target of less mature folks and voila you are getting the brunt of some bullying headed your way.
  • You are often automatically seen as a leader – even when this is not your thing. It’s awesome when you and your intellect can help leading people and organizations. When you would rather just do your thing like everybody else, than this can cause some major mutual discontent and stress.
  • Expectations are typically higher for you across the board. So you are smart in a particular area of interest. Does that make you smart across the board? Maybe, but we usually have a weakness here or there that we must overcome like everybody else. Yet, you must be prepared dealing with some awesomely awkward high expectations.
  • People may envy and avoid you. So you are successful in school and business. Sometimes the price you pay is that socially people still would rather avoid you rather than hanging out with you. Sad, but true.
  • Knowing better and best ways of doing things can cause significant stress when other people in charge do not see that your way. You are curious and dig deeper into issues and tasks. You even muster the courage to stand up report what you have found and make your best method approach recommendation where to go from here. No one else – including your leader-manager – sees that the same way. Now where do you go from here? Are you going to quit because of it, or are you going to stay around and deal with your internal conflict and just deal with it without anything changing? This can be a lot of stress.
  • Being smart and well educated does not always equate more income. Another pitfall is that income does not automatically rise with your education level. Heaven forbid you managed picking a career that isn’t all that popular and your income may fall to a record low. No degree in the world can save you here.
  • A great intellect without the balance of heart and instinct can spell big trouble. Just because you are smart does not offer all around protection from making huge mistakes. When you make decisions only based on your smarts can leave you behind as many of our decisions are often gut or heart based. Trying finding the right balance is part of being you and being part of the human condition.

There you have it. It’s is wonderful when you are smart and you can embrace it to the fullest. Sometimes it is just not a barrel of laughs though. Don’t get me wrong here, I would never recommend you take the easy route of not going for the best and most extensive education you can muster. Just be fully aware of some of the issues that you may have to contend with.


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