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What was the most interesting person you have ever sat next to?

What was the most interesting person you have ever sat next to? Smaller FB

Sometimes being really curious has gotten me into trouble, but one thing about it has been a lifelong blessing: meeting new people. One such person is Austin Szelkowski, aka the Freedom Skater. I met him about two years ago.

What makes him so special? He took it upon himself to skate across the U.S.A. – all on skates. The journey took a few months and his support crew consisted of a good friend following him in a RV. They had a very tight budget and when money needed to  be made he held speeches wherever people would listen to him, e.g. in schools or universities. Here is his website http://www.thefreedomskater.com/. When I listened to his life journey I was just in awe about so much determination and the appreciation about our country. In speaking with him I also found out that he had taught himself German. He is very proficient at it. What a fantastic person! I still look up to him for what he has achieved and what he stands for. To me he is proof that very little will ever get in the way of what we set out to do.

Is there a special someone who took your breath away, or totally inspired you? Take some time pondering this question a bit. I am sure you need not look far for someone like that. Folks like this make us better people.


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