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2 simple and quick ways of delivering social media content

2 simple and quick ways of delivering social media content  Ralf a

Anyone engaged on LinkedIn, Tumblr, Twitter, WordPress, Facebook, etc. at one point or another starts wondering how to consistently delivering great content and yet still save time. I get this set of questions all the time: “How do you find the time doing this and you still post all the time? Where and how do I start?” I have got 2 really easy and quick ways to do just that.

First of all relax if you have already started using most or all of the above mentioned social media platforms. You have already started to deliver content and are way ahead of the curve. If not, start exploring any of these platforms for suiting your needs. Nowadays anyone who is engaged in business should have a social media platform that embodies what you stand for and thus provides a space where people can engage with you. What you will need now is a way how to deliver content to all of them:

  • BufferApp: You can get this for your smart phone or simply sign up via their web site. I use this site the most for collecting and sending out contents. Once installed you can put any site, photos, etc into the buffer storage (or simply post it right away) by simply clicking on the Buffer icon of your browser or smart phone share option. Connect the networks you want to distribute the content to and set a schedule when to do that. It is really simple and saves an incredible amount of time. Now your content gets delivered to the places where, when, and how you want it done. Cool add on benefit is that the analytics tab shows you how many folks you have reached and how many clicks were recorded. You get a buffer storage of 10 at any given time for free. Here is the website for this App http://bufferapp.com/
  • Hootsuite: Another social media service that works much like Buffer is Hootsuite. It also lets you connect multiple platforms that you now can collect and deliver content with at a schedule set by you. Benefit is that you can also view your social media timelines without having to open up more internet pages or browser tabs. Here is the website info: https://hootsuite.com/

Now the only thing left to do is to find suitable content. Set aside 15 to 20 minutes every other day to scour your favorite social media sites for your favorite topics. That is really all you need. Posting more than twice a day defeats the purpose of you trying to deliver content that people will actually pay attention to. Less is actually more effective. Have fun trying one or both services out.


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