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What was your longest 1 minute?

What was your longest 1 minute? Ralf a

The problem with these long 1 minutes is that they feel like hours. There are many nail biting situations where you just wished that you could be the innocent bystander and yet it is you right at the frontline of things and there is no escape. It’s a horror movie that you wished you could turn off. It’s like a nightmare that you just long for waking up from. Ultimately, life’s long 1 minutes are there to teach us a lesson in endurance, patience, and most important of all this one: we get as much to bear as we are capable of handling.

What are some interesting long minutes to look out for? Here are a few of my examples:

  • Being present during child birth. Twice we went minute by minute with really one delay after another, pain medication not working, dealing with an incompetent anesthesiologist one time, baby not doing well, trying regular child birth until the last minute and then going through Cesarean birth anyway, and a few other gory details I’ll spare you. I aged years between two child births and I was not even the one giving birth.
  • Car and motor cycle accidents. Nothing is worse than the watching the accident unfold before you and you cannot do anything anymore: You are going to have this accident. It seems like it takes minutes when in fact everything is over in mere seconds, or even a fraction of a second.

Life lesson I learned from this is that we can all grow tremendously from going through and surviving our longest minutes no matter how tough they come sometimes.Remaining calm and using one’s intellect instead of emotions is quint essential in coming out ahead of the game too. So how about your longest minute? How did it help you grow?


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2 thoughts on “What was your longest 1 minute?

  1. Whether or not it was the longest it was surely one of my longest. First grade a young me is standing before a beloved teacher who is seated but very angry at me for uncompleted work. She is screaming in my little face and tears are streaming down my face with fear and the pain of having let her down ( a learning disability I discovered later was really at the heart of it) Suddenly, an inspiration hit me (indicative of my philosophy future) “Soon it will be tomorrow and this will be over”. I calmed down, the minute past, I still love that teacher and discovered the disability to improve on performance.


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