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Miracle on Luckie Street – so you really think you cannot change your life?

Miracle on Luckie Street – so you really think you cannot change your life? Bob W

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I just read a quote about someone saying that the walls we hit in life are merely a test how much we want something in life. Don’t believe that, huh? It’s probably your genes, upbringing, circumstances, and perhaps just dumb luck that you are where you are. Maybe that is so, but what if your are all wrong about that?

Consider this: Are you home and penniless? Are you an alcoholic and have been pretty much addicted to it since your teens? Are you hopelessly addicted to crack cocaine, meth, or some other mind bending stuff? Are you AWOL from the military? Has your family abandoned you and your friends would rob you just to get another of their fixes? You do no longer believe in God, or are otherwise no longer spiritually active? Have you gone through a nasty divorce, have been through a near fatal car accident? Have you darn near killed people through your blind bouts with rage? Does suicide occupy your mind?

Well, enter the life Bob Williamson once led until he met a wonderful nurse who changed his life and shook his beliefs forever. He picked up a career that he turned into a business and some more that followed it. He became insanely successful and continued to be challenged financially and emotionally to the point of challenging his Faith. Agree with the man or not – if someone like him can change his world forever because of whom he became through one decision, so can YOU. Make no excuse.

His book is a must read. Here is the link to Amazon: (click here)


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