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What are some ways how not to make New Year resolutions?

What are some ways how not to make New Year resolutions? Smaller FB

With a few weeks into the New Year how are you and your New Year resolutions holding up? If you are anything like me, chances are you may have abandoned your goals already. What went wrong? There are a few issues that typically cause this.

  • The cold turkey jo-jo. Stopping a nasty habit overnight may in theory be easier to quit. Sure, the either / or choice is awfully appealing in its simplicity it offers to our brains. How about a stressful and perhaps unforeseen challenge happens taking our brain power away from the digital on/ off thought pattern? You’ll be back on the beaten path in a heartbeat.
  • Addressing symptoms and not the root cause. Nothing is worse when you think you know what is causing the condition that you want to do something about. Thinking that you can quit smoking just because you are watching your drinking and partying habits will unlikely help. Nicotine is addictive and quitting may be related to temptation, but ultimately it is an addiction.
  • Thinking of what you will do when no one watches. So you think you can put artificial pressure on yourself by publicly announcing your goals. You are thinking shame or other people’s pressure will keep you on track. Bad news: external pressure does not work. What if the pressure goes away because you are alone for some time?

So, whether or not you are still on track with your goals does not matter. Make just certain that you cannot fall into these rebound traps easily. Habits are like warm beds, they are easy to get into, but difficult to get out of. Do this for the right reason and at the correct pace and you will have almost but guaranteed success.


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