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Counting our blessings – An interesting winter in PA

Counting our blessings – An interesting winter in PA ice

This winter has made up for a lot of mild ones in the last few years. Today we got waffled with 0.5” ice. That after 12” of snow last Monday and seemingly countless little snow showers before that one. Power lines down everywhere, tree branches down too, and now 30 miles per hour wind gusts seem to kill power of the remaining 20% of people that still had power in our county. After a whole day worth with no power I still count all our blessings.

  • We are home safe and sound. The weather forecasters did call this storm spot on.
  • Our neighbors are awesome as we kept an eye out for each other.
  • The kids used the quiet time for catching up on homework and playing family games.
  • We have a fire place, have enough fire wood, and therefore we have at least a little bit of heat going.
  • An hour or two with no power was fun and all, but then the generator provided power to the most essential items. We have running and hot water as well as power to telephone, TV, fridge/ freezer, and at least a few lights.
  • Having attended many Boy and Girl Scout events as well as the German Army prepared me well for cooking on a camping stove and prepping what the kids called “ice storm” meals.
  • School and work made the correct call in closing shop today.

Winters in PA can be interesting. Just when you think that you are done with clearing your driveway of snow and ice, the township snow plow may either not show up at all, or (my favorite) leave a solidly frozen foot or more snow right in front of the driveway entrance. Nonetheless, I am really grateful for all the blessings we enjoy. How about you? What are you grateful for?


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