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A play on hope – An interesting winter in PA, part II

A play on hope – An interesting winter in PA, part II snuggle

Baby it’s cold inside….

Day 5 after the big ice storm of 2014 in South East PA and we still do not have power. The daily energy company’s power restoration update is a play on hope. There is a clear line between clinging to hope, waiting for what you are hoping for to actually happen, and for a good portion of intellect kicking in helping to sustain yourself.

Every day the power company estimates that the power will most likely come back at 11 pm. After day one this is no biggie; everyone can be wrong sometimes. Day two rolls around and nothing happens, you tend to sense that there is a pattern emerging. After day three you just no longer trust anything the power company’s phone helpline (or web site for that matter) tries telling you.

Meanwhile you tend to cling to hope that the promise will come true. I can still see the busted power line from our house and no one has stopped by to look at it, yet the hope induced brain pattern seems to suggest at 11pm at night the power will come on miraculously. The time rolls around and it is still dark and cold inside the house and the hope cycle begins anew. Power will be on by tomorrow at 11pm, really it will.

Yeah right. What makes this outright dangerous (here we have around 16F outside) is the fact that you tend to overlook the most obvious life preserving details. Do you have enough fuel, food, water, fire wood, batteries, etc? Can you get out of the garage with your car and snow moving tools? Should I even stock up? Why bother, the power should be on by 11.

Because your hope mechanism may tell you that hanging out just a little while longer will alleviate all your issues you may not check any of these details. It can lead to an interesting double whammy: not only is it really depressing when promises do not come through, you also may find yourself in grave danger because you did not take further preventive measures.

Beware of this issue. FB and the news were full of sad stories where people either did really stupid things (like placing their coal fired barbecues indoors!), or they are simply out of options and have to seek shelter in hotels or publicly available spaces. Never lose hope, but keep your expectations in check. Be safe friends.


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