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The most awesome definition of leadership

The most awesome definition of leadership Ralf a

Most folks think of leadership as something that charismatic, strong willed, and brilliant men and women embody as they “get the job done”. Sounds pretty narcissistic and ego driven, right? I lead, you follow. It’s that simple. Is that really what leadership is all about these days?

The most awesome definition of leadership I have ever heard of goes like this: “Leadership is creating movement towards reaching greater potential”. All really great leaders made it about other people and the organization (no matter what type) and not about themselves or brilliant ideas. Creating potential is so much farther reaching than reaching goals, strategies, and increasing profits.

How can you make this work for you? Creating potential means that you have to really listen to your folks and to do something about what you find out. It is related mostly to the questions you must think of asking your folks. What kind of questions can you think of that would make a significant impact on your organization and your people?


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2 thoughts on “The most awesome definition of leadership

  1. I love this! . . . And its not about throwing around buzz words. It’s about connecting with people who are willing to connect, meeting needs and sharing great insights. You never know what will be born of a great encounter. Thanks Ralf!


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