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Find out about what the most valuable land is – living your life to empty

Find out about what the most valuable land is – living your life to empty cup

“What is the most valuable land anywhere?” was the question asked of a guest at work last week. Is it prime real estate in NYC? Is it an island in the Caribbean? Is it land in Alaska with Gold in the soil? What would your guess be?

Nope, it is none of the above. It is a cemetery – any cemetery. “Huh”, should be your next response. It had been mine last week too. The explanation is perhaps philosophical, but it makes a poignant point: Just think of the unrealized dreams. How about the never realized potential? Then there are the lives cut short due to accidents, illnesses, etc. How about the “goodbyes” that could never be exchanged and the peace that could never be made? The list could go on for a bit.

The value assigned to any of the above points cannot be expressed in monetary terms. They are invaluable. What should this mean to us? It means that we had better live our lives to “empty”. Let’s make our lives invaluable and not leave anything behind for the graveyard.


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