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5 more really irritating ways to use LinkedIn

5 more really irritating ways to use LinkedIn Ralf a

There is rarely a week that goes by in which I do not get asked LinkedIn related questions. Most folks are confused about if and how to use it for business purposes. There are a few annoying ways in which some folks use it now. Read about it here.  Below is my list of additional ways that will irritate most folks to the point of unfriending you in a heartbeat:

  • You are connected but you are really not connected at all. You have all sorts of connections that show up impressively on your account, but when asked for connecting you with a “contact” it turns out you do not know them personally.
  • Having multiple LinkedIn accounts under identical or similar names. Nothing breeds confusion and distrust more than having more than one account and when you do a Google name search your name pops up in all sorts of places. If you are wondering why no one is connecting with you, reconsider having multiple accounts.
  • Thinking that endorsements are more important than recommendations. Endorsements are great, but nothing – nothing – beats unsolicited recommendations from one of your contacts. The best recommendations are to the point and are also recent. Endorsements can provide an insight on a tendency/ trend and perhaps even point out your activity level on LinkedIn. It does not provide depth and breadth to what you are really all about.
  • No contributions to the LinkedIn community. Stasis on your account turns also into stasis of your contact list and how many folks you can connect with, or stay connected to. Deliver valuable content!
  • Using updates for cheap product or service plugs. So now you are using the updates, but you have nothing better to do than to plug your stuff. Do not be surprised if folks start blocking you to the left and right. Become an avid reader of Gitomer’s blog to make sure you turn this tactic around.

Developing your career and your business can be a breeze when you start using LinkedIn according to the Golden Rule: Treat people like they would like to be treated. Take yourself out of this equation and you will make invaluable connections and advance your career and business. No need taking my word for it. Go check out self-professed LinkedIn Queen Eve Mayer Orsburn’s book “The Social Media Business Equation”. It’s a quick read and lists quite a few invaluable tips for you and your business in it.


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