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Is assisted living only a quick pit stop on the way to certain death?

Is assisted living only a quick pit stop on the way to certain death? Smaller FB

What does have to do with business? Everything. What are we going to retire to after we have done all there is to do in business? If you have at all pondered what your life’s purpose is and you are blessed enough to be pursuing it while you are working, then you should start thinking about what this looks like when you have reached retirement age. Perhaps your parents are already there age wise.

Have you noticed how bland the average retirement homes look – inside and out? Very clinical at best. Then how about the assisting staff? Chances are that you are encountering grumpy folks who would want to do better but neither management nor the funds at those places allow for a good mood to ever come through. In fact, it feels more like you are stuck at an airport in front of a check-in counter, or will you just make a quick pit stop on the way out?

If you thought this was the worst, I firmly believe that what we do with our folks who have made life long contributions to society is an outright shame. Much like the island of broken toys we gather our old-timers up and put them together in place with little to no integration with younger folks. In fact kids may just be too scared to visit grandma or grandpa. All these life time experiences and stories of incredible journeys are like as if we put them into a museum so we can come for the occasional visit. When health issues enter the picture it typically does get worse.

What if there are places that take on the challenge of aging in a humane, family, and fun oriented way? A place where everyone gets to be included. A place where older folks experience vibrant colors that are just as warm as the people working there.

I was so delighted when friend Tom Hofmeister told me about his vision of such a place and how he helped build it in – where else – Florida. Living Well Lodge is a place I want to retire to. Tom found his calling in not only building structures, but building structures that are filled with life, social networks (the old fashioned kind), and tons of fun where the kids want to hang out too. What a class act! Go Tom and Dawn.

Here is his video (click here for the video). You might want to grab some Kleenex before you watch it. Tom’s passion for this endeavor is contagious. I cannot wait for this to catch on and go viral everywhere.


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