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The 2 main ingredients how to be successful in life

The 2 main ingredients how to be successful in life face-challenges-picture-quote

Picture credit: http://addicted2success.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/face-challenges-picture-quote.jpg

There are two “C” words that hold the key to how successful in life you will be. We are all blessed with them from birth although these attributes tend hide from us now and again. Throughout adolescence we struggle with them greatly and even as adults they sometimes stay hidden and some folks even make every effort putting them in a lifelong Sleeping Beauty slumber.

The two terms are curiosity and courage. Curiosity is essential in exploring our environment and everything in and around it. Babies are experts at it. The older we get the more conservative we get, and we lose our sense of wonder and exploration. Why is that? Well, curiosity is laden with risk taking. What if you get hurt during your exploration trip? The fear of the unknown sometimes paralyses us and we stay in our rut.

How are you ever going to find out though what you are supposed to do if you risk nothing? Lifelong regrets of not having done anything can be the painful consequence. That is besides of you not having pushed yourself to a greater success level can be the result. What is your answer?

Curiosity begets risk, and risk generates fear. You need to have courage to overcome this fear such that you can do something about the things you have uncovered because you were curious. Courage is when you fear something bad or a detriment to you and the people and things you care about might happen. Courage lets you overcome your fear because you have Faith and you believe in yourself and you are convinced that you are doing the right thing.

When you reflect upon your life, would you not want to be able to say “I cannot believe I did that..”, rather than “I wish I had done that…”? You need the two starting ingredients of curiosity and courage to get there. Thoughts?


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