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That’s a good reason but not an excuse

That’s a good reason but not an excuse  cup

How many people do you hear making excuses every day? Myriads of things they cannot do. The line above is my favorite comeback line: That’s a good reason but not an excuse. It’s simply a choice.

Having a tough childhood could have become my backdrop for making excuses for myself. I could have taken the stance that people and society owed me something. One night way back when it dawned on me that what happened to me is nothing I could do anything about, but how I reacted to it was my free and open choice. I chose to do the right thing. What happened to me may have been unfair, but it did not excuse me being sour and nasty.

People may understand your reasons why you are doing the things you do. Perhaps you get cut off in traffic and you road rage someone. You did not get trained on something and it’s tough to do a task at work. Perhaps your parents were tough on you and now you just want your freedom. Insert your situation here. They may all be good reasons why you do stuff. Aren’t they really excuses though?

We are blessed with creativity, connections, curiosity, courage, and finally freedom of choice. Make good use of the last one in this list. Please do not make excuses. Last time I checked there are no statues that are erected for pessimists, excuse makers, and folks who do not look for ways to better themselves.


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