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How to get rid of brain clutter

How to get rid of brain clutter Smaller FB

Busyness in business often comes along with many distractions and interuptions. In fact there are so many new impulses bombarding our senses that it is tough to keep focused on anything. It is tough to find out if you are living on purpose or if you are chasing down yet another bunny trail.

One way to find more clarity comes in form of setting your computer or cell phone to alarm you 10 times a day for the next 7 days. When the alarm goes off drop everything you are doing and jot down what you are thinking right at that moment. Journal this diligently. Then after 7 days reflect upon your thoughts.

Here are the benefits of doing this:

  • You will find two to three main topics that are occupying your thoughts.
  • Of the most common thoughts you will see that they are nothing but noisy chatter. They look tempting at the time and stress you out because you want to do so much more. In fact, they are dead ends that do nothing but distract you. You can thank your brain for sharing them and just take them to the curb.
  • Then there are the important thoughts that will revolve around something that you deep down really want to do. Those ideas and thoughts you need to experiment with. How will you spend time planning to execute these ideas well? These can propel you forward.

Do not be the victim of too much brain pollution. Manage your thoughts. Gathering them, writing them down, and then actually do something with them should be your primary motivation. That way you can actually carry them out. Shutting up your inner voice of cynicism, fear, and judgment takes exercise and persistence.  Take a leap of faith and start logging your thoughts. What can you lose?


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