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Your mind can only absorb what your bottom can endure

Your mind can only absorb what your bottom can endure Ralf a

Marathon meetings and sales presentations are the bane of our existence any more. Then there are some folks who talk at you rather than with you. It’s a serious problem and if you are one of the people having organizing meetings and presentations I am hoping the headline of this post will serve you as a guideline for time limits.

If for nothing else hold yourself to a time limit of no more than 90 minutes between nature breaks. Check out tip number 7 on this helpful blog post from @sales_source. Do you really need more than that time for a meeting anyway? Meetings taking longer than 1.5 hours should be called a “retreat”. Unless you are solving world hunger you do not need this much time for solving whatever needs solving in a typical business setting.

Pay attention how many people you invite to your meeting as well. A meeting with up to 10 persons you will most likely be able to maintain a fairly great collaboration and you could still call this a working team meeting. More folks will render this type of “meeting” pretty much useless and be nothing more than an informational event.

Stick to the basics folks. The moment your bottom starts hurting it takes attention away from your brain and you are no longer in the meeting. Pay attention to this little detail and you will have much more effective meetings.


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