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What’s your hinge?

What’s your hinge? Hinges_Fittings2

Photo credit: http://www.nico.co.uk/product_pages/hinges_pic2.html

Doors use hinges upon which they are hung and rotate to be able to swing open and close. Much like doors our lives are hinged as well. That hinge is your central idea – your purpose. It’s the hinge pin around which your life’s journey rotates. That is whether or not you realize what that is or not.

The more and deeper I look the clearer I see what my hinges look like. They are centered on the following concepts:

  • Collaboration
  • Curiosity
  • Courage
  • Culture, being a practitioner of authentic and transparent leadership
  • Connections and connecting
  • Serving others
  • Helping others reach their potential
  • Practicing the triple bottom line

So what is your hinge? Make it your top priority seeking and finding it, or do you want to live a life of regret later? At the end of your journey you should be able to say “what a ride!” instead of “I wish I had done this, that, and the other thing”.


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