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Shocking surprise when you don’t use foul language

Shocking surprise when you don’t use foul language swearing

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How much swearing do you do? How much of that bad, bad language slips out while you are with family or at work? Do you even notice how much of it you use? Using profanity or a whole plethora of bad words has a shocking impact how people view you.

Here is a worst case scenario about how you can even lose your job over you getting mixed up in thinking you direct messaged someone and yet you let it rip publicly. That’s what happened to PayPal’s now ex-director of strategy Rakesh “Rocky” Agrawal who claimed that he was unfamiliar with the social media features of his new phone. Read what happened to him here (click here).

Consider this when you notice yourself wanting to curse. In general, people’s perception changes for the worse. If you use vulgar language you are being seen as a less trustworthy person. Bottom line: People will tend to not trust you as much and they will not be as candid with you than others. Even if you say something that may be sincere and true, people’s thinking will be influenced by the bad language you normally use. And that is the most shocking surprise when you don’t use it; you will make more friends and customers too.

A team member of mine just recently noted that he had not heard me ever use the “f bomb” or similarly bad stuff – ever. Well, you will not hear me ever do that. I recommend and practice the “no-profanity-anywhere” philosophy. Consider that after a while you no longer have to think about having to be careful about where you are and what to say if you no longer do it – period.

Bad language puts people – and ultimately you – down. Only positive language will pull people up. It is uplifting in any which way using positive word

While sometimes it is hard to contain your discontent of something or someone, there is only one antidote to this: Never use bad language in the first place. Install this mental filter: Would I be able to say what I am about to say to my Grandma? If you wouldn’t say it to her, simply do not say it to anyone.


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