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Thanking Mom

Thanking Mom Smaller FB

Moms are special, aren’t they? Perhaps we have that special relationship with them since we started as alien like invaders of their bodies that they carried around for some time. It does not get closer than that. There were moments for sure when they wished they could shoot us to the moon because we such a pain in the romp. We grew to love them though, as they did help us through thick and thin.

It conjures up vivid memories of my mom. I thank her for being such an incredible role model for me and my sister. Thinking of you often and wished you could still be here with us:

  • She always offered an open ear for my trouble. She gave freely of everything and it did not matter if it was family or not.
  • The spiritual side never came in short either. We said our prayers every night and attended church on Sundays. Moreover, she practiced true compassion and empathy every day.
  • Her cooking was awesome. It filled our stomachs and soothed our souls.
  • She made so much of so little. Even when we were deep in debt there was always a present around for special days.
  • Recycling, up-cycling, and re-purposing was something she did at expert level and back then those words were not even used.
  • Even with little resources our house was always clean and presentable. The front and backyards were immaculately cared for.
  • Her courage was unbelievable. Back in the ‘70s she was amongst very few women in the village who went to work. She did this even totally against the will of my dad. The little money she made working her bum off, she spent on us kids and the dog.
  • Her wit and dry humor rubbed off on me. She could find humor in even the darkest moments.
  • Most of all she was humble. She would not ever think of her own needs first. She saw her purpose to be of service to others.

Is that how you feel about your mom? Does your mom know how much she means to you? Get on the phone, or better make a personal appearance. Give her a great big hug. Think of her on this special day if she has passed on. Happy Mother’s Day!


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