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We would rather give our money than our time

We would rather give our money than our time Smaller FB

Nowadays we are so overloaded with work and our social commitments that we very rarely can make time for “yet another thing”. No matter where you look there are organizations dying at the vine for folks showing up volunteering their time.

This thought occurred to me looking at recent Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Church, car club rallies, tag football, and a few other events where fewer and fewer people actually make a point of showing up. The bottom line is that we would rather give our money than our time helping out with events like this.

I have no way of gauging if volunteerism overall is down. My call to action though is to pick a cause that is worthy dedicating your time to and making the effort of showing up. Choose your time wisely, but all sorts of organizations are counting on volunteers to actually making a physical appearance. Second best is sending in your money – but does that actually make great memories or friends? Here is a fantastic blog post from Seth Godin about this.


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