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Jaw dropping facts about local drugs

Jaw dropping facts about local drugs cup

I always thought that marijuana and crack were the issue in our region. It turned out that this is totally incorrect. What our local police officer shared with us during a Boy Scout Troop event was nothing short of astounding.

So take a wild guess what the top number one drug is that we parents need to be acutely aware of? Prescription drugs that are located at home in your medicine cabinet or in your bathroom. Kids get into them and are enticed to sell them at school etc. or they simple experiment around with them. Take any unused drugs to your local police. They typically have either drop boxes or they have at least two public collection events per year. Make good use of it; I know that we will do this right away.

Just two weeks ago a 7 year old child brought heroin baggies to school. He had picked this stuff up at his grandma’s home while playing (click here on the story). While prescription drugs are a huge problem, heroin has come back as a cheap drug of choice. The officer shared with us that as little as $5 (!) for a few baggies are being sold on the street. Apparently this drug has come back in epic proportions.

The reason why it has come back is due to its low cost. The other fact is that it does not help that a few of our surrounding areas are not doing very well income wise. People do not have the money for high cost prescription drugs and thus are turning to low cost ones.

Another jaw dropping fact is that the area in Chester County with an outright epidemic going on with this stuff is not at all what I would have expected: Honeybrook. This is rural “country” type living. How is it possible that drugs can be this omnipresent there and distributed from there? Here is where our Commonwealth type state governance system may contribute to this phenomenon. There are areas that are patrolled only by State Police and no local police stations are around.

It’s just another episode of “what has the world come to?”. Important thing is to be aware, speaking to our kids and to just keep our prescription drugs out of our homes. Be safe friends!


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