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More good reasons to always be genuinely you

More good reasons to always be genuinely you IMAG0066

Even though physically our world has not shrunk, it has done so tremendously in terms of social media and our all-time high of mobility. Some folks still think they can do whatever they want and get away with it, but in fact, they run the chance that people know and recognize them. What I am talking about here are the people that cut you off in traffic or will not hold the door open for you. They are outright nasty. Can you afford to let it hang all out though?

You guessed it; I am of the belief that there is no time to check your conscience and good manners at the gate. Instead, treat people with respect and do so full time. You never know who will look at you.

Recently I needed to attend a funeral of a very good friend and a good colleague stopped by at work telling me that he had to attend a funeral. Oddly enough I asked where and it turned out that he needed to attend the same one: He will be in the wedding of my friend’s son. We went to the funeral together. As interesting as that was, another close colleague is working with this first colleague. That one is best friends with the son of another friend of mine who also knew the great friend who had passed who also attended the funeral because I went to evening college with her. We were all astounded at how we were all connected to each other.

Do not even try to figure this out. It does not matter who is who here, but I am sure you got the gist of the situation though.The world is so small where so many people know you and your friends and family.  Behaving like an idiot never paid off, but now that cameras wait for us everywhere it should make you think at least twice about potentially lighting up FB, Instagram, SnapChat channels with viral footage.


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