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Caring about what you do is intoxicating and inspiring to others

Caring about what you do is intoxicating and inspiring to others Smaller FB

Last week a software consultant spoke to a few people at our company and he totally got us excited about his software and its capabilities. Most of all, his was so into helping us and how to best do that with his software that it just pulled the whole team of ours together. It was a really great success and the whole process of meeting with him felt great. The time flew by and we were almost sad that we had to stop our meetings the second day.

What happened here and how can you too make good use of this knowledge? Much like a great presentation this performance is mostly about owning your topic. If you have a great deal of competency it is awesome sharing this information just as well as it is being part of the workshop or presentation.

While owning your topic is a great start the other key ingredient is how you weave your receiving audience into what you are presenting. Rather than yapping away at it and carpet bombing your audience with your knowledge, it is so much more effective having listened in preparation of the meeting. Discerning how your products and services can be of help and then delivering it during the session always rocks.

Last, and certainly not least, mustering a smile and being able genuinely enjoying yourself during such event is very inspiring to others. I have heard this multiple times over the last couple of years that showing you care is an awesome experience for attendees – “intoxicating” some folks even called it.

Go ahead and experiment with this concept. It does not take much to prep for it and it certainly will always improve your presentation effectiveness and your net worth for your organization and customers. Got a tip yourself you want to share? Do so in the comment section below.


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