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This I believe – making the most of our country of opportunity

This I believe – making the most of our country of opportunity Smaller FB

“Ralf, I wish more people would believe and say what you are saying” or something along those lines is what I hear quite a few folks tell me more often than ever. What they are referring to is my core belief that we live in one of the friendliest and collaborative countries with the most opportunities on our little space ship called Earth. Your success in life by a vast majority is related to believing in yourself.

I acknowledge I owe who I am to Germany. I have got to thank my upbringing and education as well as my family over there for it, but who I can and want to be, I owe to America. I have not lived or visited another country where there are so many helpful people and organizations that are there for you helping you succeed. Pick any passion of yours and there will be a way how to make it happen.

With so much fertile ground for businesses and business and community leaders to emerge isn’t amazing how little attention this gets? You are the only barrier there is to your future. Once you realize how powerful this little statement is you will all but automatically see how much your own personal attitude to life has got to do with how far you can push your own limits as well as your careers.

This I believe, that no matter what your background, religion, color, education, etc may look like, there is no one but yourself who can make it actually happen. Invest in your soft skills and believe in yourself. One little thing you have got to bring to the table is strictly making the commitment to start implementing change tomorrow. I also ask you to help perpetuate what we are blessed with here. It is worthy that our children and their will be able to enjoy this kind of freedom. That is why I also possess the American citizenship; I want to do my part and go vote helping preserve this for generations and immigrants to come.

Happy pondering,


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One thought on “This I believe – making the most of our country of opportunity

  1. Tom Hill on said:

    Way to go – another great one. T

    Dr. Tom Hill http://www.tomhillinstitute.com Coauthor – Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneur’s Soul



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