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Presents from the Sea – a few thoughts how to feel good about yourself

Presents from the Sea – a few thoughts how to feel good about yourself Smaller FB

Have you been to the beach lately? It’s time for me taking our week off at the beach. What I am really looking forward to is sitting at the ocean front and just taking in people and nature. There are so many awesome things to notice while you just sit there in the sand. The following thoughts should help you feel better about yourself.

  • The tides take and give – so does life. While the low tide takes all the water away and thus also fish, and other food items, the high tides bring them back. Life are our tides. So many times we may feel that life takes a lot away from us. Think about it: it also brings so much joy. Every time that we feel low and bad what we need to realize is that good times will come back – always, although it will take patience.
  • Look at mussels and other shellfish, they make something out of nothing. Isn’t it amazing how shellfish take minerals out of the water and miraculously grow their shells with it? That is our story as well. If such little creatures can do it with arguably no intelligence, we should be able to make so much with the things that we have been blessed with. Let’s use our potential to the extent possible.
  • Little clamshells and other critters dig in and float about – just as needed. It is amazing to watch. There are so many little critters that just know when to hunker down as the waves come and go and predators come about. Then afterwards they come out again and beautifully float around as if nothing happened. That is us as well. Issues come and go much like waves. Threats come and go. Afterwards we need to come out and do the things we are meant to do.
  • Dune grass can survive in really tough situations – so can we. Dune grass is really interesting. Here is a plant that can survive even though it is planted in sand, which is neither firm nor does it hold nutrients well. In fact, wind, brackish water, and storms can wreak havoc on it. Yet is survives. In fact, it survives and help secure dunes from erosion. People have been blessed with many of the same traits. We can survive in the harshest environments and help protect others from really nasty situations. We are here to stay. We are resilient.

If you have ever been to the beach I invite you to just comparing your mental notes with mine. You should feel better already and if not please schedule your next trip to your nearest beach as soon as you can.


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