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Vacation – Everyone needs one

Vacation – Everyone needs one flag

I suppose quite a few folks have no qualms about taking time off work. This post is for all of you who actually do have a hard time taking a few days, or heaven forbid, a whole week or two off. After all, you have to work extra hard ahead of your time off. Then when you get back you have to work extra hard to catch up. So, why tune work out while you are out?

Well, there is a really good reason why quite a few European folks take off at least three weeks of vacation at a time: The really important stuff cannot wait for your return to work and someone else will need to pick up where you left off. This results in a much more relaxed vacation. You finally switch work off completely.

That is the whole point of a vacation. The best thing that can happen to you is to get some distance to your daily routine. Have different and deeper thoughts about something else. Mind, body, and soul get a chance to recharge their batteries.

When I wrote “everyone” in the headline I really meant every one. That means also your company and your co-workers need a break – frome you! What I mean by that is that when you are there and you are not missing any time no one will ever get to know what you do. Do you think that this is a good idea to keep people in the dark about exactly what you do and what your contributions bring to the table? Think again. Keeping information close to your vest does not equal job security. That’s so old school.

It is more important to take time off and enjoy time off whilst work will still go on as usual. Sure, it may take your co-workers and perhaps even your boss a bit more time and effort keeping up with the work load that you have left behind, but it helps cross train people and perhaps a few things may change for the better when more people have to figure out how tough sometimes your work is. It’s amazing how much can change for the better when you are gone and come back from vacation.

Take a break as soon and as long as you can. It’s the best thing for everyone to happen. Your family may probably be really the ones enjoying your full attention the most. Living a balanced life is all about literally balancing the time and depth we spend with people. What does this balance look like for you?


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