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Resistance to do what you are here to do

Resistance to do what you are here to do IMAG1315

Photo credit: Ralf Weiser. My son wants to be a marine biologist, instead of buying into resistance he is not on his computer/ cell phone and is curious about what he may find at the beach. Here it’s Mr Krabs!

TV watching, Internet browsing, texting, movies, gaming, gambling, drinking, drug use, workaholism, overeating, and just about anything done in excess is a resistance to what you are here to do. It is a perpetual distraction keeping you living up to your full potential.

Have you asked yourself lately what truly fulfills you? Do you live a balanced life with people in your life who help fill your cup? Do you have a career that is so fun that you lose track of time? Do you think it is impossible to get there?

It’s sad, but so many people have become so numb that they do not even try picking up their heads trying to figure this out and then actually do something about this. Resistance kicks in: “I can always start tomorrow”. It is self-inflicted and really painful when you realize how much time you are wasting by resisting making a change.

It is so easy to get side tracked. We have so many things that want your attention. Technology is a great thing, but sometimes this can also be a curse. Resist the resistance and start making a difference now.

I mean that literally. Instead of procrastinating and pushing what you want to change to tomorrow, be strong and make it through the moment of resistance fighting you. Make sure you get through these moments from moment to moment. Little by little you overcome this burden. You deserve to get to the end of your life running on empty. You are worth it reaching your full potential and also enjoying the financial freedom that will come with it. Good luck with this journey.


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