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The games our mind plays with us

The games our mind plays with us 

Foto: My son climbing a vertical wall – success in mind over body IMAG1371

Whether you think you can or you can’t do something, you are correct. That is the sometimes nasty game our mind plays with us. How often do you catch yourself worrying or being outright afraid to do something? This fear can be perceived or real, but our brain makes no difference. The results can be devastating to our self-esteem and thus result in a bit of misery.

This is where our brains try protecting us with the instinct of the lizard brain. It’s the ancient instinct of letting us fight, freeze, or flee. Case in point was my son wanting to go vertical wall climbing. The moment he stood there wearing the safety harness and looking up the 40 foot tall rock climbing wall he froze. “I cannot do this”, he proclaimed. The two attendees then carefully asked him a few questions and then encouraged him to go for it. They also provided guidance where and how to place hands and feet and would you not guess it: He made it all the way to the top. It was the first time that he accomplished this. His self-esteem went through the roof and the photo taken shortly after the descend barely does justice of how ecstatic he was.


If what we are afraid of is not a real danger there is a choice you and your brain can make: Stop what you are doing and let your mind win over your body. That means that you need to look at your thoughts at that moment. Change from fight, freeze, or flee straight to a more constructive thought pattern. Ask yourself what the worst case really is. Is it really going to be that bad? Will you regret from here on out if you don’t do this?

How you feel about yourself is much more in YOUR control than what you may believe now. Your choice is indeed your choice. Make room for some time before you let your instincts win over your destiny. It’s easier than you think and remember that no matter how you decide your brain is always right.


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