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The place where joy and failure meet

Ralf a

You may say: “Huh? How does this even make sense?” Yet, there is a very sacred connection and it goes like this: Joy follows success; success follows experience, and experience follows failure.

So what lesson is there to learn? Do not fear failure, because without failure there is no joy.


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4 thoughts on “The place where joy and failure meet

  1. Known as Robert E. Lee’s conundrum: “Good judgment comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgment.”


  2. Anita Bailey on said:

    I love to read your blog Ralf. This one is interesting and may have another point of view. For me joy, unlike happiness, comes from inside. Happiness tends to come from outside and be fleeting while joy is lasting. I have a quote on my frig that I read often to remind myself to stay centered and keep my eye on God’s will – “God doesn’t expect success, only faithfulness.” While it is important to be successful at our endeavors to keep the world turning, I think we too often place high praise on success while forgetting faithfulness. Being a Christian I relate that to Christ’s time on earth. Some would say he was not successful but he was ever faithful – to God and to his promises to us. Maybe in the end that is true success!! Best, Anita


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