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Do you know your life’s purpose? Uncover it in less than 5 minutes

Do you know your life’s purpose? Uncover it in less than 5 minutes Ralf a

Sometimes we do not see the forest before the trees. That is especially true when it comes down to figuring out why we are here. Last week I watched a fascinating TEDx talk held by Adam Leipzig. Down below is the link to his video. In it he uncovers the core of what makes you carry on. Cool thing about his way of approaching this topic in an unconventional way – you will have an almost instantaneous take-away.

Here is his 5 questions that he wants you to answer in a quick manner:

  1. Who you are: Insert your name here
  2. What you do (write, cook, code, etc.. what would you like to Teach other people)
  3. Who you do it for (children, yourself, others, etc.)
  4. What those people want and need
  5. How they change as a result.

Click here to watch the video

I was totally surprised by my own answers. This is an angle from which I had not seen my life in quite some time. My call to action is spending some time in the next couple of minutes and watching his video and doing the exercise together with his audience. You just may be surprised by the result too.


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