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What is one way to set yourself apart from others in life?

What is one way to set yourself apart from others in life? Smaller FB

One sure fire way to set yourself apart from others, is to be kind, fair, and hardworking in a world that often is not like that at all. Rather than playing the part of a victim own your life good, bad, or the ugly included.

Does any of the above cost you anything extra? No, not a Cent more. So why are so many people around us miserable and nasty? Beats me. Life for the most part is truly a choice. Exercising this choice in a smart and effective way is however easier said than done. How often do you find yourself reacting to an emotion rather than a clear thought? That would be our good old lizard brains getting us into trouble with flight-fight-flee mode in mind.

Being kind, fair, and hardworking takes a clear mind that is free from all that. Sometimes all it takes is taking a deep breath, a walk around the office, a little bit of exercise, a good night’s sleep, etc. providing our brains with enough of an emotional distance to the situation at hand. Just look around you how much nastiness exists. Don’t you want to be different than that? Set yourself apart from all of that.


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