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Can you think of a person who changed your life forever?

Can you think of a person who changed your life forever? Werner wedding photo

More importantly, does this person know that you feel about him/ her that way? These are the folks who impacted you so much that you will always remember the day you have met them for the first time. Or it was the day that they helped you out with a gesture, a word of wisdom, a hug, a moment of their attention – in other words: just something so profound that it helped change the course of your life from then on.

This kind of inspiration I got one day from my mom quite a few years ago. In fact, I was 16 at the time. I had been bullied in school as well as apprenticeship. If that was not enough, my alcoholic father caused a lot of stress on the family. For two years we did not have enough money to buy heating oil and mom had to boil water on the wood stove in order for us to take a weekly (!) bath. Life was most certainly not enjoyable and I did not feel well about any of this. It felt like hell was freezing over and there was just nothing to feel good about.

That was at least what I thought at the time. Until one day mom took me by the side and she said to me, “Boy, no matter how miserable the world is to you and the much hardship may come your way, you can still carry on with a smile and no one can take the choice away from you how you react to it.”

Wow! That was a profound sentence in my life that changed the course of how I chose to react to the many challenges that were to come. Here was a woman who, in my opinion at least, had it even tougher than me. She managed to smile and be kind to others no matter how tough her life was. She would always find the time encouraging others to make something out of their lives even though she probably could have used a little boost herself. The mental toughness, empathy, and compassion my mom exhibited was out of this world and it inspires me to this day.

Later in life I made certain that she knew how much appreciated her making a difference in my life and much it helped shape it forever. Turns out it was a good thing, because cancer took her away from us way too sudden and soon.

That is also my call to action for you. Who is such a person that changed the course of your life forever? Don’t waste any time to tell this person how grateful you are that he/ she is in your life and how much of a difference this person has made.


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2 thoughts on “Can you think of a person who changed your life forever?

  1. A very moving and fitting tribute to a special person.
    My Dad was always my main inspiration. He had the toughest of upbringings, but never complained, and was always looking to support and help others. He was a positive influence not just to our family, but in the community too. He was taken by cancer, much too soon. But my memories of him will last forever.


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