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2 great web resources to help schedule and post your stuff

2 great web resources to help schedule and post your stuff Ralf a

Social media can still be overwhelming at times. Do you ever catch yourself wishing that you could post the content regularly and consistently? Do you come across interesting material that you would like to post across a few platforms but it is really tough to do?

There are 2 services that help you fix both issues. Here they are.

  • Buffer App: This is a wonderful service that you can install on your phone as well as your computer. Wherever you have audio, sound, movie, websites, etc this tool lets you either post your stuff immediately, or simply puts it into your queue of scheduled posts.
  • Hoot Suite: This is another great resource for whomever Buffer does not appeal. Essentially it is a similar to Buffer, and it also has a really cool analytics and a section that shows you your timelines. See up which platform you want to post your stuff on, set the schedule, and hit “go”.

Have fun giving either one or both a try!


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