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One radical way to address our school and work performance issues

One radical way to address our school and work performance issues

Please do yourself a favor and watch the video included here (click on the photo). Benjamin Zander – an accomplished conductor – shares his brilliant recipe how to get every student to obtain an A at the end of the school year. He is willing to give everyone an A. The only condition is that the students must write him a letter in which they tell him who they will become by the time class comes to an end and how they will earn the A.


Now you might think that this is outright crazy. Sure, it may be unconventional, but it is not crazy at all. Here we can all tap into the inspiration side of student performance rather than establishing rating guidelines that only establish artificial hurdles for the student (think employees at work too) trying to master.

What are you planning to become to earn an A at anything? Anyone can be an A student so give yourself an A.



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