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60 quick and profound life changing life lessons

60 quick and profound life changing life lessons 1-hq8arsTleqnCcfTFjCzgNQ

Photo credit: www.showyrwork.com An awesome resource for writers getting discovered

Yes, you read this correctly. While there are only 10 shown on the photo there are 50 more by Regina Brett that you can find here (Regina Brett’s 45 life lessons and 5 to grow on). Here is Regina’s FB page and her Twitter feed which I would recommend you following. They are all fabulous and I have bumped into many a life struggle where I would have loved to have had the insight back then to make better choices.

How many do you find inspiring and thought provoking? Isn’t it fascinating that many, many life lessons must be learned the hard way by each of us. Here is the conundrum to ponder: Why can we humans not instinctually think and do the right, or better things? It seems wasteful having to go over the same stuff time and again, doesn’t it?

I choose to take the-glass-is-half-full route. The good news is that we can avoid a lot of trouble (if not the vast majority) if we tap into the one thing that makes us truly unique: humans have the power of choice.

I can choose to read an inspiring blog, listen and watch great people, hanging out with friends that are good to me, serving and helping others, and so much more. I can also choose to be positive. I can also choose to connecting with a mentor.

It is hard to watch that we all must fast the same issues and choices, everybody is unique though. Every of our life journeys is unique. Own it and make your choices count.


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