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What will you say when your future grand-kids will ask you what happened?

What will you say when your future grand-kids will ask you what happened? Puzzled

Every generation is known for missing a great opportunity. Something that was done, or left undone will be scrutinized eventually. With me it was asking my grandparents what role they had played when the Nazis came through the villages taking innocent Jews from their homes. Did they really not know about any of these things? Asking the questions is the easy thing to do – it comes from being untainted and innocent. That was not my generation doing this. What happens though if it is our – your – turn answering this tough question as to what happened and what did you do to stop it?

I am getting a little uncomfortable about this thought the older I get. What will my generation be known for to have missed? What comes to mind are the huge humanitarian and environmental crises in the world happening. Did I / you do enough to counter it? Are we doing enough for our future generations to be able enjoying peace, clean energy, water, air, and a space to live? More often than not I am not so sure about how I will answer this set of questions in the future.

I guess, the best that we can do is to reflect upon this periodically. And, we need to make educated decisions based on the criterion that everybody and our long term sustainability must be better off than when we found it. How about you? How comfortable are you with your answers now?


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One thought on “What will you say when your future grand-kids will ask you what happened?

  1. I think the greatest obstacle to overcome is what you outline. It is a “topos”. Something we don’t know we don’t know or we think we know enough to act when we don’t.
    I fear this question most of all: “What did you do when they came to take all those children out of the womb”?


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