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Interruption marketing is dead – long live interruption marketing

Interruption marketing is dead – long live interruption marketing Spider on a web

Photo credit: http://www.classroomclipart.com

“Mindblowing”, “I thought he was just a regular street performer – I never expected this”, “…and what happened next moved me to tears”, and so many other tag lines are inundating us on social media with incredible frequency now. Why? Well, the previous click bait of pop up marketing finally wore off and now these folks need another way to bait and hook us watching more or less pointless photos, videos, etc just to then bombard us with more interruption marketing stuff. Yikes!

If you are anywhere remotely like me then these marketers will lose in the long run – I have completely stopped clicking on stuff like this. I just do not have time for this and I think a lot less of a product or service who does this to any potential customer. What ever happened to genuinely interesting content and inspiring taglines? Has this become a lost art?

Thankfully there is help out there. If you are in marketing and sales then I suggest you follow Seth Godin and Jeffrey Gitomer for starters. They are the exact opposite of the interruption marketing junk that I described above. Bottom line is that it takes hard effort, dedication, wit, and the willingness to go above and beyond to invite customers to buy rather than using any cheap trick hawking off your stuff. Sound familiar? It should when you are after significance and not only short sighted success.


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