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Would you road rage your next door neighbor?

Would you road rage your next door neighbor? IMAG0885

Photo credit: Ralf Weiser; accidents can happen with a blink of an eye

In the last couple of days the kids and I have seen and unfortunately overheard quite a few not so nice interactions between various car drivers. Wow, what a foul mouthed, miserable crowd this was. It made me wonder if these folks would do this to each other if they knew it was their neighbors and friends in the cars.

It looks as if once we get into our cars that we become invisible and totally anonymous. Ha! It’s such a small world and we constantly bump into folks we know, or that someone we know knows. Not too long ago I was driving behind a van on the local highway driving erratically, cutting me off without turn signals just to get off the road. That was my exit too and that guy made no fewer than three more turns totally without putting his turn signals on. Much to my surprise he turned into our company drive way. I was quite steamed about this character’s driving abilities and I was thinking about asking the guy what he had been thinking doing all these stupid moves. Turns out that this was one of our sales people who does not come to our office much. We know each other well and I actually knew about him not using turn signals ever (I even used to think that was pretty funny). Wow, this encounter could have turned out completely different if I had not remained restrained and professional about this.

So here is my call to action for you: next time you feel compelled to “teach” someone a lesson on the road and letting things turn nasty just think what would happen if the receiving side of your “teaching” lesson is someone you know well and like very much. Would you still keep doing this stuff? Do not worry about others and make the start with you not engaging others in road rage. Do not make eye contact and drive defensively.


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2 thoughts on “Would you road rage your next door neighbor?

  1. I am from Austria and thought this kind of traffic behaviour is a european phenomenom – obviously not. I’m a little bit relieved to read that we are not alone with this problem 😉


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