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9/11 and the new World Trade Center

9/11 and the new World Trade Center IMAG0959

Picture credit: Ralf Weiser

13 years have passed by and it still has not gotten any easier thinking about the events and senseless loss of life that happened that fateful fall day. I was such a nice day too. The first days of fall still make me a little uneasy with the fresh air rich with foliage starting to wilt and the farmers harvesting the fruit of their labor – it reminds me way too much of that terrible day.

What makes me sad is the seemingly lack of progress of reaching peace in the world. Let’s see what we have here:

  • Unrest and war in Ukraine
  • War in Gaza
  • ISIS crisis in Iraq and Syria
  • Continued trouble in Afghanistan
  • Civil war in Syria
  • Arab Spring is still not over in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya
  • North Korea – perhaps quiet for now, but how long will that last?
  • Insert other crisis spots here _____________


Let’s see how all of these issues get resolved, because they will get resolved eventually. That is the only silver lining that I can derive from the 9/11 events. As difficult as the days, weeks, months, and years that followed them have been, we did come back from the rubble. The 9/11 memorial is a beautiful and tasteful site forever serving as a reminder to us. The museum is an awesome way to help keep the events fresh in our minds even if you are too young to have lived through them. We should all be proud that the new World Trade Center once again stands proud amongst the NYC skyline. That is where it’s at: We may be down but never out. United we stand and united we will be strong in facing whatever other hardships may come our way.


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