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“Showing up is eighty percent of life”

“Showing up is eighty percent of life” IMG_0088.JPG

Photo credit: Ralf Weiser

Although this saying is supposedly attributable to Woody Allen, I just heard it from a good friend of mine the other day who mentioned it while we were talking about what being an “expert” in a group setting means. On a note aside, I do not think much of that word; it is about as ambiguous as “leader”. He pretty much stated that being part of a team of “experts” is showing up. It did not immediately dawn on me how profound this little nugget of truth is. This goes deeper than only knowing a certain subject matter very well.

What does this saying try to convey? To me the only logical explanation is that showing up means making a point of genuinely being present when you show up during any encounter with other people. Showing up also means caring and helping others in whatever situation they may be in. Showing up on time, every time, and being prepared making a contribution shows that you care and that whatever the group is working on is a priority worthwhile pursuing. This is what I aspire to and it isn’t always easy and I am not always successful. That’s for certain.

What this saying doesn’t mean is that showing up is a merely being present for an event and enjoying the ride. Some people do this at an “expert” level. Did you ever notice that folks like this do not last? Sure some manage to hang on for a while, but nothing beats showing up at the genuine participation level. What will you show up for in the near future? What and how will you make a contribution? The world needs YOU!


PS: United we stand and we shall never forget the events of 09/11. I salute the many brave people who showed up helping in seemingly helpless situations

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