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You cannot delegate values and culture

You cannot delegate values and culture Ralf a

As of late I am astounded by how few businesses tap into the true power of their brands. That is not necessarily due to a product or service being stellar. Usually it concerns their values and cultures. It comes down how leader-managers either embrace it or not and how all employees exemplify it when they interact with external stake holders. More and more customers, vendors, and job candidates look for long term relationships that are meaningful and fulfilling besides of making economic sense.

The business of business is to do business, so what does all the touchy feely stuff really matter anyway? In fact it matters just as much as corporate profitability and cash flow. At the end of the day are you dealing with companies or people? I do business with people. They are all real and deserve our full attention and it does not matter if they reside in- or outside our organizations. That is the part of values and culture that is tangible for everyone. If you consider yourself as a leader you should never attempt delegating values and your key culture. Any time that you focus on the single bottom line instead you will lose in the long run.


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