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How can the last ones be first?

How can the last ones be first? Bob W

Photo credit Amazon.com Bob Williamson went from being a homeless criminal to becoming a multimillionaire who now gives back whenever he can


That seems counter-intuitive, doesn’t it? Much like busy people seem to always have time for more tasks, I have encountered the phenomenon that the poorest people are most often also the most selfless and giving people.

What do I mean by that? I have been blessed to travel to Mexico and also Venezuela on business. You may guess that industrial areas are most often clearly not situated in world class places. The poverty I encountered was as mind boggling as humbling. For instance I recall workers helping me coax machinery into starting up asking me for my empty water bottles because they wanted to re-use (not recycle!) them. They were the most kind and professional people I have been blessed to work with. At one plant I had someone assigned to me driving me to and from the “apartment” (it took 5 keys to get into building, elevator, security gate, door lock, and dead bolt to get in and there was no hot running water). This gentleman took it upon himself to take me see his family, sight-seeing, and also guarding me while we were out and about in the city where tourists typically do not roam around. Carlos had so little and yet he gave so much and did not have to do that at all. How awesome is that?

When I now reflect upon how I treat guests and folks that do not have the means to afford much I take a moment and reflect upon Carlos’ example. I invite you too to ponder how blessed you are and how much you have and what you truly need. Please consider opening your mind, arms, schedule, and of course your wallet helping people make it through another day.

Why is that so important? The world can be depressing especially when you read and watch the news. Look how nasty we can sometimes be to our neighbors, people at the office and even in traffic. It is these little acts of kindness that turn all of that around and you have the power providing hope and a good feeling about yourself. Life does not need to be such a mess – most is just a choice you and I need to make. Make the right one, folks.


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4 thoughts on “How can the last ones be first?

  1. Tom Hill on said:

    Well done Ralf

    Dr. Tom Hill Inspiring the World One Person At A Time



  2. Anita Bailey on said:

    Ralf, you would have loved our discussion of this at Tuesday evening Bible Study. For years I’ve heard the scripture and every imaginable response but nothing about grace. We are saved by grace. We don’t deserve it, we didn’t earn it – we couldn’t do enough. Why do we concern ourselves about what others get if we get what we were promised? We are overly concerned about our definition of fair when it applies to others. They were promised a days wage and received it. Those who came late, or stood waiting all day for work and were finally called, received the same. It was God’s choice to give what he gave and to give what He gives. It is grace. Thanks be to God.


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