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Never miss a chance to look up and take a mental break

Never miss a chance to look up and take a mental break IMAG0503 (3)

Our lives are so busy it is hard if not impossible taking a good break throughout the day. Mental breaks and a little rest are really necessary though. No one can sustain running at 100% all the time. One solution is taking little short mental breaks. Those we must make time for at a minimum.

IMAG0529 (3)

Not too long ago I went to the Kimmel Center in Philly for a special performance. It was at the end of the week and totally hustle bustle time. After a busy week at work this should have been a welcome and much needed break, but just the traffic alone can bring the average adult to his knees as far as patience is concerned. It did not get much better once inside the center. Wow does this building hold a lot of people. This event quickly turned into a lot of stress.

Then I looked up and the pictures cannot do it justice what I saw. The architecture was absolutely beautiful. And then it occurred to me: I can take a mental break wherever and whenever I want! I took a few deep breaths and kept enjoying the beauty in front of me. That was all I needed to recharge my energy.

IMAG0521 (3)

That is a powerful thought that you can and should be tapping into as well. What are the things that you have noticed when you chose to stop what you were doing to take a mental break?


IMAG0504 (3)

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