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One unconventional way of dealing with problems

One unconventional way of dealing with problems  leafblowing-man

Picture credit: http://www.latinpost.com/articles/2109/20130912/despite-bans-leaf-blower-prevails.htm

The leave blower in the picture is symptomatic of our society: Instead of dealing with the issue by removing the unwanted debris with broom and shovel, we blow it out of our way and thus spreading the issue out to others. Bad enough that these blowers are noisy and smelly, the real issue lies simply in us not permanently dealing with the root cause issue in the first place.

What is the attractiveness of leaf blower type solutions in our lives? For one they offer instant gratification. It does not take long dealing with the symptom of the issue. Then, most of these solutions are cheap and really fast.

Since common sense is not common practice what is the unconventional way of dealing with problems then? Much like the leaves and dirt on our drive ways we should be either using a vacuum or a broom to pick it up – rather than blowing it through the neighborhood. Why spread the nonsense any further? If we do not remove issues permanently they will come right back when turbulence hits us.


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