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Rooney’s rules

Rooney’s rules Smaller FB

Martin Rooney is an internationally recognized trainer, author and speaker. He is also a fitness philosopher and founder of the Training for Warriors system. Check him out here: http://www.trainingforwarriors.com/our-team/ . I came across his list of inspirational one-liners a while back. Many of them have really inspired me and have sparked many a blog posts. Enjoy!

  • Want to be REMEMBERED tomorrow? Then don’t FORGET to do something great today.


  • You don’t become the thing you THINK about all the time. You become the thing you DO all the time.


  • The real garbage holding you back is all the time you throw away.


  • Try new things. Biting into the unknown may be the best way to cut your wisdom teeth.


  • Success may have less to do with the depth of your background than it does with the strength of your backbone.


  • When fighting this battle called life, taking yourself lightly may be your heaviest artillery.


  • Hindsight is worthless until you are able to use it to gain insight that can be used to positively affect your Foresight.


  • Algebra and Trigonometry are less important than learning to correctly add your strengths, subtract your faults, divide your time and multiply your talents.


  • Just like a well-prepared meal, a well-prepared day often ends with a clean plate.


  • If you aspire to retire after building an empire, the best way is to inspire as many people before you expire.


  • Most people often develop a weak set of knees when it comes time to take a stand for themselves.


  • Perhaps the most important thing you can be when you grow up is Yourself.


  • The key to confidence has less to do with inborn talent than it does with ingrained practice.


  • Just like the tide, you will rise or fall as a result of the most influential bodies around you.


  • The Road to Success does not intersect with the Path of Least Resistance.


  • Joy follows success. Success follows experience. Experience follows failure. Don’t fear failure. Without it there is no joy.


  • Your life will not be measured by how many days you get to “take off”, but instead by how many of the days you “take on.”


  • The easiest way to lead an unsuccessful life is to work hard all day to get out of a hard day’s work.


  • Most people think the difference between easy and hard can be found in the problem. Successful people know it’s found in your head.


  • Your Reputation and Credibility are just like your muscles. They take years to develop but can be lost in a short time of misuse.


  • Action is your most important export. Better to use it up in the storefront than to keep it stored away in the warehouse.


  • You’re a product of your priorities. You have 168 hours a week. If you can’t find five to workout, you’re not busy; you’re insane.


  • Don’t go “halfway” with anything you do. Either go “all out” or not at all. Your “whole heart” always beats your “half ass.”


  • Make your enthusiasm for success stronger than your fear of failure and you will become unstoppable.


  • One way to stand out is to be kind, fair and hard working in a world that often isn’t.


  • Unlike a great steak, great effort can be rare and well done at the same time.


  • Waves of problems will always break on the shores of your life. It is not the wave, but how each is ridden that will reveal you.


Have fun pondering them!


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