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How to get to know your talents

How to get to know your talents Smaller FB

What talents are you blessed with? Do you actually know them? I am just reflecting upon this because at a recent church visit a woman commented on the pastor’s sermon. “You can just see that this is his passion. He is so talented”, she said to me. How can anyone “see” anyone’s talent?

The easy answer is that our talents leave visible traces behind that everyone can see and experience. Talents will make you really enthusiastic and passionate of any topic of your choice. Whenever you are in the middle of enjoying using your talents you are in a total state of flow. You may find yourself losing your sense of time. Hours go by and you may not notice it.

Funny and funky thing about talents is that you may no longer realize that you are different. Whatever may come easy to you may not be easy to anyone else around you. So how do you find out about what this may be? Fortunately there is a simple strategy that helps here. Just use what the woman in my example above did. That is called “thin slicing”. In a quiet moment think about all the things that come easy to you. What are the top 5 things that you enjoy doing at work? How about when you are home? Try to not use your intellect when you think about these topics. Instead follow your instinct. Your initial gut reaction is what counts pondering this.

Do an excellent job in journaling about this. Well, aren’t you a little bit surprised about yourself? This is in essence how other people experience you. Now give people you trust what should be an easy assignment (it usually isn’t). Give them a small blank index card and let them figure out 7 key traits of yours. Let them use adjectives. Collect these cards and reflect upon them. Be ready to be surprised. If you have even the slightest amount of self-awareness most of the things you came up with will be reflected on the cards as well.

Knowledge is power. Here you have a great opportunity using your talents even more intently and strategically. Move away from your weaknesses and re-position yourself such that you may use your talents and in areas of true passion. That is what you can call putting odds in your favor.


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