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Style may attract, but substance retains

Style may attract, but substance retains Smaller FB

Beauty, fitness, style, prestige, and in all the outward appearance is omni important and ever so present in our lives. There would be no boulevard newspapers and magazine sales anymore without it and there would be much less Web traffic too. The majority is fascinated by it and an even more surprisingly sizable faction is disgusted by it at the same time. Since it is a holiday weekend maybe you can use the time to think about how important this style issue is in your life.

Ultimately, our image and outward appearance is the window through which people meet and see us. Once you get to know folks a little closer all of a sudden it becomes more important that we deliver predictable results. The more we deliver and the friendlier, the more competent, and harmoniously we do this, the greater the trust we will enjoy at the end. Have you ever noticed that when this happens people will love working with you and then your appearance no longer matters (much).

No matter how unimportant we think that outward appearance is, our first impressions count. However, this is not the be-all-end-all. Long term relationships are built with the substance that lies deep below our skin.


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