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Scar tissue

Scar tissue Ralf a

It is inevitable: we sustain plenty of mental and physical scars throughout our lives. In one way or another they will always be visible. Since they are blemishes we attempt hiding them as best as possible. It’s tough enough that we know that they are there; let’s not alert others to them. Why hide it though?

Your scars were payment for some invaluable experience. They managed to change you. Would you ever do whatever you did (or didn’t do) that way again? You will not be able fooling people for long before they find out anyway. Deal with what caused them and then learn from your hard earned experience. Sure, you may mourn the things that you have lost, or will no longer do as a result of the injuries you may have sustained. Don’t be sad for too long as the new paths that open up are sometimes the best things that can happen to you. It’s the adversity we face that can make us stronger if we embrace change (Click to tweet this).

One of the most inspiring people I have met is John O’Leary. Do not take my word for it, please check out his story about embracing his scars reaching an amazing level.

Wear your scars with a sense of pride. Not embracing them is foolish.


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