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Yoda as Santa Claus – really?

Yoda as Santa Claus – really? 

What does Star Wars’ Yoda have got to do with Christmas? I love snow globes, but this one is an odd duck. Do you get the connection? I just cannot wrap my hands and head around this concept.

It made me think of all the other trinkets and baubles that all sorts of companies offer around the holidays – and we buy them! Imagine all the money and resources going into the things we buy and do not really need. Why do we buy them in the first place?

Rather than buying stuff that no one will use, let’s either buy something that is truly meaningful to the person you love. Or even better yet, let’s donate some if not all of this money to a good cause?


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2 thoughts on “Yoda as Santa Claus – really?

  1. Where did you get your snow globe?


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